About company

The company was founded in 2000 in Kyiv city, Ukraine – the centre of furniture industry of our country and is still situated here.

The «Praktik Plus» company proved itself among the clients with its high quality production and constant orientation on clients needs.

Our company production is represented in all big cities of Ukraine. LLC «Praktik Plus» clients are furniture productions and specialized trade, and also wholesale and retail trade shops.

Our production main goods are felted stickers.

We are the first producers of felted stickers in Ukraine (felt points) that are used for protection of different surfaces against the damages with the chairs, tables legs (parquet, laminate, tile; can be used under vases, flowers; small diameters are used for drawers, commodes, cabinets for prevention of noise during doors closing etc.).

We use high-quality materials, good adhesion of coating (German coating base) in our production.