Anti-mosquito net on the door

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Anti-mosquito net on the door is a universal and inexpensive protection of the room from street dust and insects.
Color: Blue.
Size: 1000×2200 mm.


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Blue, White


Anti-mosquito net for the door with Velcro. Oh, how we love summer, the time of travel, relaxation and warmth. But there is one small drawback in summer – various living creatures unceremoniously burst into the house. We are all familiar with the story about how we quietly, peacefully fall asleep as a child, see wonderful dreams, and bam, the monotonous buzzing of a mosquito as a commercial break at the most interesting moment in the film. Forced to interrupt your sweet sleep and rush into battle with an annoying mosquito, fly or some other representative of the insect world. And who needs such summer dreams? – Once we asked ourselves, and decided to protect your sleep from annoying characters.

The mosquito net on the door with Velcro is easy to install.

All you need to do is read the simple operating instructions, which describe in detail and quite clearly what needs to be done and how. The mesh is then applied to Velcro and adjusted by hand.

Look at the mosquito net we have on the door, not a single mosquito will get through.

Buying an anti-mosquito net means purchasing reliable protection against insects at a low price.

Take care of your sleep, and we will help!

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